Reading in Bed

The alarm goes off at 5:45, and J. gets up.  It still seems strange that I don’t have to drag myself out, doing my morning yoga while he uses the bathroom.  Instead, I roll over and doze off.  Later, he comes back to brush teeth and put on his tie.  A kiss good-by and he’s gone.  I have my alarm set for 7:20, although there is no reason I have to get up at that time.  I just know that I shouldn’t get in the habit of hiding in bed.

Last night I read until after midnight.  When I am in the middle of a good novel it’s like an addiction.  I neglect people and work and health and just read, read, read.  Often I will not allow myself to start a book when I have an important project or responsibility ahead of me. These days, reading in bed until I can’t keep my eyes open also means I’ll go to sleep immediately when I do turn off the light, instead of lying there with thoughts looping through the same useless paths. This morning I had hoped to sleep a bit longer, but once I was awake I turned on the light and went back to the book.  An hour later, I jumped out of bed, feeling guilty for this escapist pleasure.

It doesn’t seem right to feel guilty about reading for an hour. If I were retired or on vacation, or even home sick, I would wallow in the luxury of it.  Instead, I think about J., who doesn’t have this luxury, and about the various projects, chores, and activities that I could be doing that would be more “productive”.  I will have to find a way to allow myself to enjoy these little pleasures that can take the edge off the sharp worries that float around me.

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