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The Novelty Has Worn Off

The novelty has worn off of the job hunt.  The jobs I’m most qualified for are not available at this time of year.  I’m tired of looking through lists of jobs that I’m not qualified for.  At one time it … Continue reading

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The Fourth Interview: Spoiler Alert…

Without going into all the details, this one was a big disappointment.  I was one of two finalists being considered as a consultant to develop a new grant-funded program.  This was a great fit for my knowledge, skills, and interest.  … Continue reading

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The Second Job: California Here I Come!

FedEx dropped off a box yesterday.  Inside was a big green canvas bag, and in that bag were six or seven pounds of training materials (which I will be paid to study).  Today, I should be receiving another FedEx delivery … Continue reading

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The Third Interview: 7-Minute Math Lesson

“A train leaves New York traveling at 60 mph.  Another train leaves Boston traveling at 50 mph….  Remember those word problems from high school?  They don’t go away if you are applying to graduate schools, and some people need help … Continue reading

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The First Job: No Interview Required

I’ve been holding out you – I actually have had a job since the summer.  Last week I submitted my first time sheet, for the ten hours I worked in October.  However, since my position is budgeted for a total … Continue reading

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A Week in the Life of an Unemployment Insurance Claimant

I had procrastinated applying for unemployment benefits, feeling that other people needed this more than I did.   But I do have financial obligations, and I have paid into the system, so it makes sense to accept support when it’s there.  … Continue reading

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What’s On Your List?

Here’s a list of books I have been reading for pleasure in recent weeks (and months), in no particular order: Dune and Dune Messiah – reread the sci-fi classic.  Dune is great.  Dune Messiah is less compelling as a narrative, … Continue reading

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