The Second Job: California Here I Come!

FedEx dropped off a box yesterday.  Inside was a big green canvas bag, and in that bag were six or seven pounds of training materials (which I will be paid to study).  Today, I should be receiving another FedEx delivery – a laptop solely for use in my new position.  I have completed the forms, signed the contract, had my fingerprints done, and am officially employed (part-time, short-term) for the testing company I interviewed with a month ago.  (See:  Second Interview:  Appreciated and Underpaid?).   The path towards this job was steady.  The interview was followed up with emails and phone calls, and finally the offer.  The pay is low by my standards ($14 per hour), but the job is appropriate and professionally interesting.  (It’s something that others often do as a retirement activity for extra income.)  It will keep me busy through the winter months and into March.  Most interesting at the moment is that I will be flying to California for four days of training in December.  It seems odd that it is cost effective to fly us (test coordinators from every state) across the country (they pay for everything), but they must have the system worked out.  The point is to get us all standardized, so standardized we will be in one place.

So, I have two temporary part-time paid jobs:  town auditor and assessment coordinator.  Still looking for more.

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