On the Positive Side…

I am determined to stay positive, and yesterday everything felt brighter.  In the morning I consulted with the local handyman, who is starting a project on the house, and then I finished two blog posts, made some calls, and even cleaned my computer screen.  I did my weekly volunteer stint at the village library, where I was openly appreciated, in spite of (or rather because of) figuring out that a large number of the book barcodes are misprinted with a “0” (zero) instead of an “O” (oh).  After a quick lunch, I met with the director of education at the local state college to discuss a possible workshop related to my research, and we quickly moved from hypothetical to concrete plans. Then I was off to a cozy cafe for coffee and confidences  with a former colleague (and current friend).  Finally I headed for the fitness center for Zumba and a work out.  It was a nice way to end the week.  Tomorrow I am off to California, ready for new perspectives.

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