Not the Chosen One, But International Options Are Open

Update:  the other finalist got the position that was still open in my last post.  Oh well… it would have been very long hours with a long commute and a lot of stress.  It’s a disappointment, though, and  I do wish that, after all the time I spent with them, they had sent a personal email instead of a canned automatic message. 

On other fronts, my international connection is active again.  We finally managed a Skype call from Zurich (of course the Swiss hotels have their internet connections working), where it was just as cold and cloudy as here.  We’re moving forward, and I’m going to come in on the ground floor next week with some quick training and entry level work.  Then we’ll see how fast things progress.  They have created a new company in Singapore to manage this new contract, and although they may not make much money from it, she now says (what happened to the “worth of gold”?), we will “have fun”.  It’s better pay then my testing job, and there’s no long-term commitment, so I’m game to try it.

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