A Moment of Perfect Peace


Yesterday afternoon, after an hour of bustling about, shovelling, raking, and putting garden equipment away, I wrapped up my work in the shade of the garage and walked around the corner of the house to the garden.  I was hit with with a wall of calm and peace that stopped me in wonder.  The sun, about to dip below the line of the hills, doused the field and forest with golden light.  The sky was deep blue and cloudless.  The air was absolutely still, and there was not a sound in the valley except for a whisper of water flowing in a far away stream.  It was as if the world had released all stress and motion in exchange for a perfect meditative moment of simple, joyous being.

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1 Response to A Moment of Perfect Peace

  1. speakingwins says:

    Yes! It’s as if all the world exhales.

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