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Closed Crocuses and Drooping Daffodils

It was one of the coldest Aprils on record. Then suddenly – a respite. A record-breaking warm day brought out the daffodils and crocuses and hope of spring.  When wind rain returned the next day, the crocuses shivered and gave … Continue reading

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A Moment of Perfect Peace

Yesterday afternoon, after an hour of bustling about, shovelling, raking, and putting garden equipment away, I wrapped up my work in the shade of the garage and walked around the corner of the house to the garden.  I was hit with … Continue reading

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Farmer Wife Revisited: The Pressure’s On!

On the one hand, I didn’t get much sympathy for the difficulties of “farmer wife” syndrome, judging by posted comment of “…sounds like fun to me….”  On the other hand, the pressure was on, when a friend who was coming … Continue reading

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“Your Farmer Wife”

After a visit to our northern home and lots of talk about our gardens, my southern sister-in-law emailed a picture of her first crop of sweet potatoes to my husband with the subject “pls show your farmer wife.”  I can’t … Continue reading

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Black-Eyed Susans

    I recently put a notice on our online community bulletin board, offering clumps of black-eyed susans and other plants that I was dividing and thinning.  Over the following days (and weeks), various folks arranged to come by to … Continue reading

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The Chipmunks Ate My Currants

Taste of Summer Stolen The chipmunks ate my currants Sneaking round the bush in furtive hops. Only empty stems remain. No crimson jelly made for winter days, I must look elsewhere for solace.  

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