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Big Boxes, Wasted Space

  I roll my eyes in frustration when yet another online order arrives rattling in an oversized box.  Why waste the cardboard and yards and yards of packing material  to ship empty space when a small box or envelope would … Continue reading

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Training in California

Here’s a quick report on my California training trip.  One full day of travel to get to Los Angeles.  One full day of travel home.  The four days in-between involved sitting in hotel conference rooms, from 8:30 in the morning … Continue reading

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On the Positive Side…

I am determined to stay positive, and yesterday everything felt brighter.  In the morning I consulted with the local handyman, who is starting a project on the house, and then I finished two blog posts, made some calls, and even … Continue reading

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The Novelty Has Worn Off

The novelty has worn off of the job hunt.  The jobs I’m most qualified for are not available at this time of year.  I’m tired of looking through lists of jobs that I’m not qualified for.  At one time it … Continue reading

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