Farmer Wife Revisited: The Pressure’s On!

On the one hand, I didn’t get much sympathy for the difficulties of “farmer wife” syndrome, judging by posted comment of “…sounds like fun to me….”  On the other hand, the pressure was on, when a friend who was coming over for dinner wrote “…after reading, I’m looking forward to some straight from the garden dishes!”  I spent the day cleaning (the kitchen really needed attention) and cooking.

That evening for dinner we had lemon-mustard chicken (with dried oregano from the garden), red-skinned potatoes (from the garden), pickled beets (from the garden), the last of the SunGold cherry tomatoes (from the garden), fresh-baked sourdough bread, and apple pie (with the apples –  picked at Shelburne Orchards -which didn’t make it into the apple butter and a handful of cranberries, just for fun) with homemade whole-wheat crust.  The vanilla ice cream was not from the garden.   (We also had broccoli from the supermarket – the first vegetable I have bought in a long, long time.)

Yesterday, I stir-fried the leftover broccoli and potatoes with garlic (from the garden), a carrot (from the garden), the last teeny zucchini and yellow squash (from the garden), and ginger (not from the garden).  It was a great accompaniment for grilled salmon (also not from the garden!)  Now it’s time to relax – maybe some grilled cheese sandwiches with sourdough this evening.

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